Build Your Consulting, Speaking or Other Small Business
Venture with Solid Content and Social Marketing Strategies.

Marketing and Coaching Services for Consultants, Speakers & Entrepreneurs

Short Circuit Media works with professional speakers, trainers and consultants to maximize marketing efforts across multiple channels. Our four stages of engagement are Understanding your business, developing a strategy, executing that strategy and providing ongoing support.



Understand your business

We take the time to get to know your business. What is it you do? Who are your clients? Why are they going to give you a big fat check for speaking at their event, training their people or sharing your knowledge?

These are important questions that you need to answer with confidence. And if you don’t know what those answers are, that’s where we’re going to start. Clearly defining your message and aligning it to a specific audience will allow you to focus your efforts and be more successful.

Create your custom marketing strategy

Once we have your essential business model nailed down we can move on to creating custom strategies help to get you in front of the decision-makers with check signing authority. This can include a:

  • Website makeover
  • Social Media Integration
  • Targeted advertising on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook
  • Content development

There are countless ways to customize a strategy to fit your needs. One size doesn’t fit all.


Execute the strategy

Here’s where the fun begins. After we tell you what needs to be done, we actually do the heavy lifting and implement your custom business marketing strategy for you.  We take care of the technology and arrange for the resources to make what we’ve discussed happen. It’s a simple as that.

Provide ongoing support

For many clients, this is when the relationship takes off. Once we have a marketing plan implemented, you can choose to take on the challenge of keeping it going yourself using existing staff or you can retain us as your very own marketing department; composing and deploying eblasts, writing blogs, sending out newsletters and assisting in product development. All this while we work to create and implement new strategies to make your speaking, training or consulting business grow.


Finally an Easy-to-Follow Online Marketing Course Specifically for Consultants, Trainers and Speakers

This program is for consultants, trainers, speakers and other professional service providers looking for practical guidance and instruction on how to set up a marketing program so that it attracts clients.

Marketing Insights

People Like Us!


I truly enjoy working with Aidan. His helpfulness with my organization’s Internet marketing needs, strategy, and implementation is beyond excellent. Aidan works hard to invest his clients resources where the absolute best yield is delivered. I can highly recommend Aidan for your Internet needs.


Aidan revamped my website, set up SEO, and connected all social media tools. My traffic has skyrocketed. He is a marketing strategist with tactical know-how. Pleasant to work with and super responsive. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to leverage the web to boost their visibility.

Your one on one coaching in the past has helped me exponentially with refreshing my brand, designing my new website, targeting my market to align with my presentations, and so much more! You truly are THE go-to marketing guy!! Thank you!


Aidan is a pleasure to work with. He works fast, he stays on schedule and keeps you informed every step of the way. I find him very responsive (which I love), very easy to work with and his work is good! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aidan if you need help getting your website to where it should be.