Simple Ways to Promote Your Webinar

So you’ve created and planned a webinar around a topic that you feel passionate about. You might want to pat yourself on the back, but there is still some work ahead of you.  Now it’s time to get the word out and have people show up. Without the proper marketing, you won’t achieve the audience you deserve.

Step one is to get people to register for your webinar, and that means you’ll need a place for them to go. Before you start promoting the webinar, create an optimized landing page with all the necessary points, including:

  • Information about what the webinar will be about and what participants can expect to learn
  • Date and time of the webinar
  • Who will be presenting and speaking
  • A form where people can register

Once your landing page is setup, you have to make ensure the rest of the funnel flows smoothly.

What should happen after they register? Well, it’s mostly up to you, but having registrants receive a thank you page confirming that they’ve successfully registered for their spot is a recommended next step. And, if you’re plans can honor a little flexibility, ask if they have any questions that they would like you to cover. Besides taking them to a thank you page, make sure you also send a confirmation email with the time, date, and link to join the webinar. You want to make it as easy as possible for registrants to remember the information.

Below are some other ways to market your webinar once you have your landing page in place.

  1. Promote it on a Hello Bar: A Hello Bar has been proven to be very successful in increasing lead generation. It usually enters your site across the top of the screen and spans the full width of your browser. Depending on the setup, you can even put a sentence or two with a link or CTA to the page you want the prospect to visit. It’s highly recommended to test this out.
  2. Webinar Listing Sites: There are webinar listing sites that let people promote their webinar. Some examples are and They only require a few steps to get your webinar up on their sites for free.
  3. Email Signature Promotion: This is super easy and you should do it anytime you are promoting an event.  Add your webinar landing page URL right into your email signature. If you email a lot on a daily basis (which we’re assuming you do), this is a great way to spread the word.
  4. Write a Blog Article: You’re reading one now, so you know the power first hand. Write a blog article about your webinar topic, and provide just enough information to get people interested. Include a sign up form on the page, or link them to your landing page. Blog articles are easily shareable on social media too.

Here are a few more ideas to successfully promote your webinar and gain a larger audience:

  • Attach a Lead Magnet
  • Start an Email Campaign
  • Build Interest on Social Media
  • Use the Help of an Influencer
  • Use Paid Ads

You took the time to create a webinar in an effort to teach people and build your reputation as an expert, so make sure you put in the time to market it properly.

Automate your webinars to create a passive income stream

For a lot of speakers a regular webinar is a central piece of their marketing activities. And to be sure the technology seems finally to have caught up with what the experience is supposed to be.

Some professional speakers even manage to charge a for the experience. From what I’ve seen $99 seems to be the going rate to attend an hour long event.

That’s not too bad for something you don’t have to be wearing pants to present.

Of course if you’re a speaker who commands a rate of between $8k and $10, then it’s taking a big chance for you to block off a day for something that might only make you a fraction of what you could otherwise be making

The biggest hurdle for a lot of professional speakers is time. What do you do if you have a webinar booked and a client comes along and wants to bring you in to do a workshop?

Do you say no to a full day fee or do you cancel your webinar and hope that registrants understand?

It’s really an untenable position, because attendees of the webinar are all potential clients for more work in the future, so alienating them isn’t a great option.

Recently a contact on Linkedin tipped me off to a service that, like Google and Facebook, I wish I’d thought of first. This service lets you create pre-recorded versions of your webinar and schedule them for whatever time you want them to go. You don’t even have to be there.

Not only does this eliminate the problem of timing, it allows your pre-recorded webinar to become a source of recurring revenue.

Can you create 5 or 6 webinars? If so, you can cycle through them throughout the year? Here’s the link if you’re interested: