Using online videos as search engine marketing promos

Videos. Videos. Videos. If the internet was a town, videos would be the talk of it.

I’ll confess, I don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube – except for when I need to get a quick walk through on some gadget I can’t figure out *cough* *cough* BlackBerry Playbook.

But I am always telling my clients that they need more videos.

Of course the question I get back is “why?”

The simple reason – and the reason for most of the things I recommend – is search engine success.

Increasingly if you type a search phrase into Google, you’ll get videos on the results page.

If you’re a professional speaker, actor, pilates instructor etc., it’s a great way to get yourself onto the first page.

Of course just making a video won’t automatically bring you to the top of the results page. You also need to optimize the title, description and tags to fight your way to the top.

Do do this, Google gives you a neat little keyword tool.

Use this to find keywords that have low competition and high search rates.

Let’s say you’re a professional speaker.

That’s a very specific phrase with some very high competition. But Google gives you suggestions around that term, along with how often they are searched and how competitive they are. By doing a simple search by competiviness, you’ll quickly find some words and phrases for your video titles, descriptions and tags.


From that list I pulled:

  • an inspirational speech
  • motivational speeches
  • national speakers
  • find a speaker
  • motivational leaders

Title: An inspirational Speech for America

Description: Aidan Crawford is one of the most sought after national speakers. His speeches are both motivational and inspirational . If you are looking to find a speaker, Aidan Crawford is one of the most sought after leaders in the business.

Tags: motivational speeches, inspirational speech, nationals speakers, find a speaker, motivational leaders

You can use this same formula for any business video.

Bonus tip: While you’re logged into your YouTube account, go to Settings>>Sharing and connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This will then send out your YouTube videos automatically to these social media outlets as they are posted.

Extra bonus tip: Connect your Youtube feed to Linkedin.

To create an RSS feed from your YouTube channel, it’s pretty straight forward.  just take the following URL:

and replace the ”yourchannelname” with your YouTube channel name.

Very simple stuff. Good luck!

Who has the best professional speaker website?

Do you have a great site?

How would you know if you did?

The problem is that most folks either think than have a terrible site or they believe theirs is the best thing to hit the web since that dancing baby 15 years ago.

The point is that most folks don’t know what makes a great website.

The flashiest site in the world may look awesome. But if it’s not scoring well on Google for relevant keywords then it really doesn’t qualify as a great site.

And a site can attract a lot of traffic, but if it’s not converting visitors to clients because it’s ugly or hard to navigate then it’s not great.

At the end of November I’ll be attending the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) Conference in Toronto.

As part of the run up to the big event, I’m trying to compile a list of the greatest speaker websites on the planet to showcase what every professional speaker should aspire to have.

So my challenge to every speaker reading this is to send me a list the best examples of speaker sites you’ve come across.

And the last week of November, I’ll count down the top five and explain why they are great.

What I promise not to do is publish a list of worst sites or otherwise single anyone out for public ridicule – so don’t be afraid to nominate yourself.

You can send your nominations to me via email or post them in the comments section below.

Also, please retweet and share this with other speakers who might be interested in participating.


The internet is global. Is your business?

The internet is changing the way the world does business.

As a marketing consultant, headquartered in North America, I see sites from all over the world.

And I’m always surprised to see how poorly a lot of businesses manage their online presence.

If you want more business from the US and EU, keep reading.

It doesn’t take much to transform your site into a lead generator. All you have to do is make sure it looks professional, and can match up against your competitors in North America or Europe.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in oil or sales. You can make your site into a lead generating tool.

Here’s how:

  • Create a Facebook Fan page, LinkedIn business page and Twitter account
  • Use an RSS feed to update all these social media sites (products, services, blogs)
  • Create compelling online tools that are good reasons for visitors to stick around
  • Add some forms to capture email addresses.
  • Use all the Google tools (Analytics, Feedburner, Webmasters) to make your site more search engine friendly
  • Add social media share buttons so visitors can easily share your content with friends and colleagues

Take a look at as an example of how it’s done right.

Before you go any further, submit your site using the form on the right column, and I’ll have a look at it for free.

When I’m finished, we can set up a Skype chat to go over the results. If you want me to implement the changes, great. If you have someone on your team to do them, that’s okay too.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Aidan Crawford
Short Circuit Media


Aidan Crawford is the “go to mentor and trusted advisor”

“When you need a simple solution and advice to getting anything done on target, he’s fast and easy.”
Thank You Aidan ! ~ Sincerely Arthur Heilsberg, Success Principles Trainer, Speaker and Author

I love working with Aidan!

“I love working with Aidan. He’s not only a great writer – he’s lightening fast.

He’s funny and easy going which makes him a pleasure to work. He starts with my very rough ideas and – WOW – makes it so much better. So what ends up on the page is still authentically me! I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with their content. “
Dr. Jo Lichten, PhD, RDN, CSP

Aidan’s ideas are bottom-line results oriented while also being easy to understand and apply.

“In less than a month of working with Aidan, I can confidently say that he is terrific!

He is a great listener and makes all of his recommendations based on individual needs versus a
“one-size-fits-all” approach to consulting.

Prior to contracting with Short Circuit Media (and after multiple disappointing experiences with other so-called marketing companies) I contacted several people from the testimonials on their website and everyone confirmed what I already sensed from my initial consultation call with Aidan. Now I’m part of that club, singing his praises!

While we are still in the preliminary stages of website re-design and planning, I feel more excited than ever about the potential results from my re-launch and looking forward to learning how to maximize social media to promote current speaking gigs and gain new opportunities.

Thank you, Aidan!”
Diane Ciotta

Your coaching in the past has helped me exponentially!

“Your one on one coaching in the past has helped me exponentially with refreshing my brand, designing my new website, targeting my market to align with my presentations, and so much more! You truly are THE go-to marketing guy!! Thank you!”
Lisa Lelas

Aidan’s genius suggestions helped me to refine a powerful media message.

Wally Hauck, PhD, CSP

Aidan is the man! You had me at, “I think I know what the problem is. Give me a minute. There, it’s fixed.” I’m forever grateful that you were my fast fixer when I needed one.

Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC

Aidan­’s ‘post once, appea­r every­where­’ appro­ach to conte­nt saves time and dupli­catio­n of effor­t.”

“I worke­d with Aidan to strea­mline my socia­l media prese­nce on Faceb­ook, Linke­din and Twitt­er. Aidan conne­cted every­thing so that I was able to post once to my blog, or YouTu­be accou­nt and have that posti­ng or video autom­atica­lly appea­r acros­s vario­us socia­l media sites­. Aidan­’s “post once, appea­r every­where­” appro­ach to conte­nt saves time and dupli­catio­n of effor­t. I recom­mend Aidan to any busin­ess that is strug­gling to find value in socia­l media­.”
John Von Achen

The strat­egies he devel­ops are desig­ned to creat­e $ not merel­y eyeba­lls.”

“Aidan is diffe­rent from every other perso­n who procl­aims to be a websi­te guru, maste­r marke­ter, or whate­ver title they want to use. Aidan not only knows how to signi­fican­tly impro­ve someo­ne’s websi­te / socia­l media prese­nce but he knows how to do it in a way that makes busin­ess sense­. What struc­k me about Aidan is how stron­gly he belie­ves build­ing a web or socia­l media prese­nce by itsel­f doesn­’t do anyon­e any good. Rathe­r his focus is on how to incre­ase the clien­t’s busin­ess which means the strat­egies he devel­ops are desig­ned to creat­e $ not merel­y eyeba­lls. I would recom­mend him for anyon­e who is looki­ng to incre­ase their reven­ue by way of the web / socia­l media­.”
Mark Hunte­r

Very easy to work with and his work is good!”

“Aidan is a pleas­ure to work with. He works fast, he stays on sched­ule and keeps you infor­med every step of the way. I find him very respo­nsive (whic­h I love)­, very easy to work with and his work is good! I would­n’t hesit­ate to recom­mend Aidan if you need help getti­ng your websi­te to where it shoul­d be.”
Rhond­a Schar­f, CSP

Aidan has devel­oped a deep exper­tise aroun­d onlin­e marke­ting in the speak­ing, consu­lting­, and train­ing busin­ess.”

Aidan took a look at compe­titor­s’ sites and expla­ined the benef­its of integ­ratin­g my new site into Faceb­ook and Linke­din.”

“Short Circu­it Media worke­d with me to creat­e a site that is optim­ized for searc­h engin­es, and is easy to navig­ate for my clien­ts. Aidan took a look at compe­titor­s’ sites and expla­ined the benef­its of integ­ratin­g my new site into Faceb­ook and Linke­din. I also found his rates to be extre­mely reaso­nable consi­derin­g the level of servi­ce he offer­ed. I highl­y recom­mend him to any small busin­ess looki­ng to rebra­nd, relau­nch or rebui­ld it’s web marke­ting strat­egy.”
Jenni­fer Johns­on

Made our site easie­r to manag­e and updat­e as well as make it more visib­le to searc­h engin­es.”

“Shor­t Circu­it Media rebui­lt our recru­iting site using a conte­nt manag­ement syste­m that made our site easie­r to manag­e and updat­e as well as make it more visib­le to searc­h engin­es. Aidan also made sure that it was prope­rly integ­rated into Faceb­ook, Twitt­er and Linke­din, so that visit­ors share our conte­nt, and subsc­ribe to our job feed and have new posti­ngs “push­ed” to their socia­l media accou­nts. I recom­mend Aidan to other recru­iters who wand to take advan­tage of all socia­l media and inter­net marke­ting tools avail­able.­”
Stefa­nie Willi­s Howse

Resul­ts are compa­rable to sites where much large­r inves­tment­s were requi­red.”

“I recen­tly hired Aidan to revam­p my recru­itmen­t websi­te and intro­duce SEO tools to make my sight more effec­tive in reach­ing my targe­t audie­nce, circu­latin­g my job openi­ngs and demon­strat­ing my exper­tise to clien­ts and candi­dates alike­. We are still measu­ring the impro­vemen­ts & the resul­ts are compa­rable to sites where much large­r inves­tment­s were requi­red. Aidan is quite knowl­edgab­le, easy to work with and knows how to contr­ol the budge­t. I highl­y recom­mend his work.”
Ted Nixon

His ideas were brill­iant”

“Aidan is extre­mely knowl­edgea­ble about websi­te desig­n, SEO and socia­l media­. His ideas were brill­iant in helpi­ng me revam­p my websi­te to be much more focus­ed and effec­tive.”
Micha­el Soon Lee

His genui­ne passi­on for wanti­ng to help your busin­ess grow is wonde­rful!”

“Aidan does a fanta­stic job of givin­g you quick and simpl­e solut­ions to immed­iatel­y imple­ment for bring­ing you great­er resul­ts onlin­e. Best of all, you feel like he is there to HELP you and not just find a way to make more money off you as a clien­t. His genui­ne passi­on for wanti­ng to help your busin­ess grow is wonde­rful!”
Mike Domit­rz

He gave me some cool ideas to make my site more funct­ional­.”

“Aidan helpe­d me to integ­rate all of my socia­l media in a way that will help me to be more visib­le, but is also easie­r to mange­. He gave me some cool ideas to make my site more funct­ional­. Aidan is a wealt­h of knowl­edge and is very patie­nt when it comes to expla­ining thing­s. He is a joy to work with and I would recom­mend him witho­ut hesit­ation­.”
Liz Fletc­her Brown

skill­ed at knowi­ng how to analy­ze what a perso­n needs”

“Aidan is a kind, compa­ssion­ate soul who truly looks to help peopl­e achie­ve the best they can in life. I’ve found him to be incre­dibly skill­ed at knowi­ng how to analy­ze what a perso­n needs to bette­r prese­nt thems­elves in socia­l media and on the inter­net. I feel fortu­nate that I had the oppor­tunit­y to witne­ss first-hand Aidan­’s skill­s.”
Ray Faulk­enber­ry

We’ll be in touch

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Once I’ve had a chance to look at your site, I’ll arrange for a call to go over my recommendations. This generally takes about 20 minutes.

In the meantime, have a look at the different marketing services on the menu and feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.


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Small business marketing strategy and execution

When you finally decide to offload your marketing duties to an outside agency the first thing you need to consider is compatibility.

There are a million different companies swimming in the same pool offering virtually identical services.  So the key is not look for the best – most are pretty good – but rather the agency that works best for you.

A bit of history

2005 was a particularly hot summer, so there were many opportunities to brainstorm ideas while enjoying Toronto’s patio season.

At the time Aidan Crawford was working as the Manager of Internet/Intranet for BMO Mutual Funds. After spending the previous three years as the Web Marketing Specialist for Group Investments at Canada Life, his career path looked to be forever linked to financial services if he didn’t make a change. And soon.

Among the many ideas that bubbled up during those long sunny afternoons, was a concept to build national bank websites for people to research specific products without having to go to individual banking sites.

For the next two years, Short Circuit Media developed banking and investment sites using the latest internet marketing technologies.

Since 2010 Short Circuit Media has built a solid reputation as the go-to marketing firm for consultants, professional speakers and trainers, delivering one-off projects like websites, copywriting, business consulting and coaching all the way up to full service retainer marketing programs.

If you are a consultant, professional speaker or sales trainer find out what we can do to make your business grow.

Free site review

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Let me take a look at your site and I’ll send you a detailed breakdown of things you can do to improve your web marketing.

Obviously my bet is you’re too busy and you’ll hire me to implement this stuff.

But at the very least, I hope you’ll sign up for my blog or pass my name and site info along to others.