Connect with more employers
and job seekers by maximizing
your social media footprint.

dreamstime_xxl_33069058If you’re a search agency, social media isn’t just a channel. It’s THE channel to reach more candidates.

Increasingly candidates conduct their job search online. For many agencies this means posting jobs to aggregator sites.

But this recruitment strategy only reaches candidates who are actively looking for jobs. What about the highly skilled workers who are not actively looking, but you want to attract?

Connecting your social media recruitment strategies with Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter will help to expand your search beyond the traditional job seeker, by letting you automatically post your jobs as they become available to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of highly qualified candidates.

Flat fee social media makeover

$500 USD

  • Connect jobs to automatically post to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Create Facebook and LinkedIn company pages
  • Connect site to Google services for SEO
  • 2 hours of social media training via skype for individual or group
  • Sign up for job seekers to get notifications when opportunities are posted

Flat fee website development

$2500 USD

  • Professionally designed WordPress website
  • Configured to automatically update LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with new posts
  • Search Engine Optimized through Google services (Analytics, Webmasters, Google Local)
  • 2 hours of Skype training on social media for individual or group
  • Sign up for searchers to receive notifications via email when opportunities are posted

Case Study

National Resource Partners


Who are they

National Resource Partners are a full service search and recruitment firm in Toronto, with offices across Canada, specializing in Healthcare, CPG, B2B and Digital Marketing.

Where they were

NRP had a very flashy site. Literally. It was built using Flash animation, which made their website virtually invisible to Google. NRP was getting most of it’s traffic from aggregator sites like Workopolis and directories.

With no social media presence and being virtually invisible to search engines they were using recruitment strategies that are both time consuming and less effective than if they simply optimized their recruitment strategies for social media.

What they did

  • NRP implemented new social media recruitment strategies to reconnect with old clients and candidates and reach new ones
  • Created a new site using WordPress, that automatically generated an RSS feed for each job as it was posted to the site.
  • Added social media sharing buttons for site visitors to share content with connections on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Connected RSS feeds to update Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook each time a job is posted.
  • Encouraged candidates to sign up and receive job postings via email.
  • NRP created a Linkedin Company Page with a completed services tab and asked for recommendations from previous clients as well as former candidates. Each referral was then seen by all the referrers contacts on Linkedin – opening the door to thousands of new and clients and candidates.
  • Encouraged individual recruiters to add the Jobs RSS feeds to their own Linkedin and Twitter accounts to reach even more candidates.


In less than a week traffic to NRP increased considerably coming from both Google and social media channels.

If you are an employment agency, then social media marketing is the tool you need to make your company stand out from your competitors.