To quote a business partner I sometimes do some work with, “there are a million social media experts out there.”

Well there are certainly a million folks claiming to be social media experts. But being an expert involves a lot more than understanding the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter and Google. It requires an understanding of how you can use them to grow your business.

If internet marketing is not showing you an adequate Return on Investment – or is costing you money – then you’re doing it wrong.

A bit of history

2005 was a particularly hot summer, so there were many opportunities to brainstorm ideas while enjoying Toronto’s patio season.

At the time Aidan Crawford was working as the Manager of Internet/Intranet for BMO Mutual Funds. After spending the previous three years as the Web Marketing Specialist for Group Investments at Canada Life, his career path looked to be forever linked to financial services if he didn’t make a change. And soon.

Among the many ideas that bubbled up during those long sunny afternoons, was a concept to build national bank websites for people to research specific products without having to go to individual banking sites.

For the next two years, Short Circuit Media developed banking and investment sites using the latest internet marketing technologies.

Social media optimization is a relatively new field of internet marketing.  So back In 2007, when Aidan Crawford joined the CLEMMER Group as Marketing Director – it sounded like hocus pocus and magic. However after spending four years optimizing professional speaker and management consultant Jim Clemmer’s marketing efforts by implementing an integrated social media and marketing plan.

Today Short Circuit Media still keeps a few bank sites for sandboxing new internet marketing ideas, but we’re now 100% focused on helping small business, consultants and professional speakers reach larger audiences with customized web marketing and social media strategies.

To do this we:

  • Work with existing content to build Search Engine Friendly sites using the WordPress Content Management System
  • Use web analytics to track internet marketing successes and traffic
  • Employ social media – YouTube Channels, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin – to find new audiences
  • Offer complete author services (ebooks, POD, custom microsites, videos)
  • Simplify email newsletter distribution using to make sure newsletters sent don’t get caught in spam filters
  • Arrange for distribution of audios through iTunes
  • Create iPhone applications
  • Implement search engine optimization programs (SEO)
  • Custom web projects to add functionality (forms, Facebook Like buttons etc.)