Sales Enablement in the Age of Covid-19

Using Marketing tools, talent and technology to Connect & Convert
[Virtual Keynote]

Who is it for

Audience: sales leaders, sales representatives and the marketing professionals who work to make them more effective

Program overview

The days of sales and marketing teams working in isolation are over. Sales people need more than blandly written product brochures and marketing teams need to flex their creative muscles if an organization is going to compete and win business. Aligning marketing with sales requires content creators to understand not only the needs of sellers – but also the wants of prospects. This interactive virtual session is designed to break down barriers, open communications and achieve alignment between sales and marketing teams so that content is used to increase sales to existing customers and build credibility with prospects – especially during a pandemic. With a focus on strategy and tools, Aidan effectively connects the dots that help organizations connect and convert clients.

“What struc­k me about Aidan is how stron­gly he belie­ves build­ing a web or socia­l media prese­nce by itsel­f doesn­’t do anyon­e any good. Rathe­r his focus is on how to incre­ase the clien­t’s busin­ess which means the strat­egies he devel­ops are desig­ned to creat­e $ not merel­y eyeba­lls. I would recom­mend him for anyon­e who is looki­ng to incre­ase their reven­ue by way of the web / socia­l media­.”
Mark Hunte­r

Attendees will learn

  • The relationship between creating great content and driving sales
  • How successful orgnaizations leverage the genius of their marketing teams to deliver more effective content
  • To create compelling content on a regular basis and share it across multiple channels
  • Simple and accessible technologies to create a global 24/7 marketing program
  • Benefits of this virtual presentation

    • Customization

      Aidan customizes every presentation to your industry

    • Unlimited use of the recording

       Every agreement includes a full year license to reuse the presentation

    • Unique sliding fee structure

      This virutal program is priced based on attendees

    • Social Media Support

      Aidan creates promotional videos for the program that he will share on his social media and with your marketing team to promote the event. Aidan will also “live tweet” the event

    • Dedicated Resource Page

      Every program comes with a custom landing page that includes the slides and links to all the resources mentioned during the presentation

    Aidan Crawford

    Aidan Crawford is a marketing professional with over 15 years experience. He is the author of the book DIY Marketing for Consultants, Trainers and Professional Speakers. Prior to starting his own consultancy he performed key marketing roles at major insurance, and banking organizations as well as spending time working in the agency world. 

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