Align marketing content with sales

Internal half-day workshop for sales and marketing pros

Who is it for

Sales teams, Marketing teams, Content creators (appropriate for 6 to 50 participants)

Program overview

The days of sales and marketing teams working in isolation are over. Sales people need more than blandly written product brochures and marketing teams need to flex their creative muscles if an organization is going to compete and win business.

Aligning marketing with sales requires content creators to understand not only the needs of sellers – but also the wants of prospects.

This interactive half day program is designed to break down barriers, open communications and achieve alignment between sales and marketing teams so that content is used to increase sales to existing customers and build credibility with prospects.

Attendees will learn

The relationship between creating great content and driving sales
Why great content is more important than ever to sales teams
how to use tools like LinkedIn and Twitter to expand reach and get the attention of clients
Create compelling content on a regular basis and share it across multiple channels