real estate website marketingThe condo market in Toronto is highly competitive with realtors and agents tripping over themselves to get clients.

Your clients are young professionals who live their lives on the internet. So that’s where you need to be if you want to grow your business.

A static website that doesn’t display properly on mobile devices, isn’t properly integrated into social media and lacks the basic functionality to engage and grow your list is a complete waste of your time.

The goal for the best condo or real estate websites is to increase targeted traffic, engage existing clients, and propagate content across social networks by making it easy for visitors to share your site within their social networks. The result is a professional sales funnel that drives more business via the internet.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

At Short Circuit Media we create and execute marketing plans for small business that leverage the latest internet technology with social media integration to increase engagement – while developing an ongoing Search Engine Optimization plan to get your business ranking organically on Google.

Site Functionality

  • Attractive slider function to display new listings
  • Out-of-the-box Search Engine Friendly
  • Connected to your Google Analytics, Webmasters and Local listings.
  • Property Listings page tied to update social media via RSS
  • Responsive template that works with mobile devices
  • Email Alerts for visitors to get notifications whenever a new property is listed
  • Search functions
  • Social Media Share Buttons
  • Videos Page (If YouTube Channel exists)
  • Newsletter Signup (if required)
  • Twitter Feed
  • Deep integration with Linkedin profiles

Search Engine Optimization

  • Keyword research
  • New site copy developed
  • Sitemaps, Privacy statements, RSS feeds
  • Setup Google Webmasters Accounts
  • Search Engine submissions
  • Installation of Google Analytics

Social Media

It’s not enough to post content to your site. You must make it easy for clients to share across their social networks – specifically LinkedIn and Facebook.

As part of the social media optimization process, we’ll make sure that every page on your site has social sharing buttons for Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

  • Branded Linkedin Company page
  • Branded Facebook Fan Page
  • Branded Twitter account
  • Branded YouTube Channel
  • Connected RSS feeds from property listings to automatically update social media.

Complete Internet Marketing Strategy and Implementation Summary

This program is a turnkey solution that will completely rebrand and streamline your online presence, while also giving you the scalability of a WordPress site. The advantage to this is that you will have a site that is completely integrated into social media and optimized for search engines.

What are you waiting for?