One-on-one business coaching

Pay by the hour!

Get as much or as little as you need!

Consulting, training and speaking are competitive industries. Just being a topic expert doesn’t guarantee you’ll get hired. If you’ve ever felt like you are throwing everything at the wall and nothing is sticking, you are in the right place.

During this 12 week program I will go through every aspect of your business show you how to make it work better. The fact is most speakers, trainers and consultants struggle with the fundamentals of marketing and it shows in their bottom line results.

Your one on one coaching in the past has helped me exponentially with refreshing my brand, designing my new website, targeting my market to align with my presentations, and so much more! You truly are THE go-to marketing guy!! Thank you!

Lisas Lelas –

Through 6 hours of one-on-one calls I will take the time to understand your current business model and show you how to:

  • Better define your audience
  • Improve your website with simple tools
  • Create compelling content on a consistent basis
  • Focus on the social media channels that really matter to your clients
  • Use your knowledge to create new products, services and speaking topics
  • Target your advertising budget more wisely

Calls are scheduled two weeks apart, and include practical accountability assignments that will test your knowledge AND  help you implement proven strategies.

Can’t make a call? Got a gig? Don’t worry. I’m very flexible. You have 6 months to complete the program.

The first part of each call involves a review of  the previous week’s assignment to make sure you understand the principals and have applied them correctly.

Questions and feedback between calls may be sent through email with a 24 hour reply guarantee Monday – Friday.

  • All coaching clients receive audio recordings of calls as an MP3
  • Clients also have unlimited access to the my Online DIY Marketing Course
  • This program includes 3 months of post-coaching email access for questions

Coaching by the hour

Grow your business one call at a time.

Strategy, content, positioning.

Does your business need a shot of affordable and practical support?

Book your coaching one hour at a time. These hours can include:

  • Content development
  • Business strategy & positioning
  • Consulting on any other marketing issue.

Your Investment

Your investment in this 12-week program is $2999 USD. If you are, or become, a monthly retainer client this program is only $1499.

Not sure? Have questions?

If I can’t help you, I don’t want your money. If you aren’t sure if this program is for you, send me an email. I’ll answer your questions and even arrange for a quick call if that’s what you need.

Payment Options

One time payment of $2999USD

3 payments of $1025USD ($3075)