DIY Marketing for Professional Speakers

Saturday July 27th @8:30am

Program Overview

Saturday July 27th @8:30am

You’re business is not unique. But it’s probably different enough from other speakers that an out of the box marketing session isn’t going to help you. Before you decide on tactics, you have to first look at your business model.

Who’s your ideal client? Why are they going to choose you over the person offering similar services for free? Once you have that part of your business model sorted, everything else falls into place. That’s because you can then align your marketing to match the people who are actually willing to pay you.

Join Short Circuit Media’s Aidan Crawford as he shows you how to better define your ideal clients and then use specific marketing tools and strategies to get your message in front of them – while growing your credibility with simple to use content hacks.

The Agenda

  • Refine your business model
  • Create a compelling value statement
  • Killer content hacks to enhance your credibility
  • Social media advice that doesn’t waste your time
  • Shortcuts to turn your knowledge into products

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Can‘t make the session? I’ve got you covered.

Some people like to practice in front of the mirror…I practiced by creating a webinar.

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I truly enjoy working with Aidan. His helpfulness with my organization’s Internet marketing needs, strategy, and implementation is beyond excellent. Aidan works hard to invest his clients resources where the absolute best yield is delivered. I can highly recommend Aidan for your Internet needs.


Aidan is a pleasure to work with. He works fast, he stays on schedule and keeps you informed every step of the way. I find him very responsive (which I love), very easy to work with and his work is good! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aidan if you need help getting your website to where it should be.