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Professional branding
for executives

If the only spot left is the top spot you’re in the right place

Becoming the President or CEO of a large organization takes a lot more than experience – it takes experienced branding.

Executive Branding for:

Vice Presidents
Senior Vice Presidents
Executive Vice Presidents

If you’re going to convince a Board of Directors to choose you for the top job you’re going to need a lot more than a slick resume. You need professional coaching from real experts. You’ll also need branding and marketing that includes a website, social media and regularly published materials that demonstrate you are not only qualified to lead, but ready to be seen.

Our professional EXECUTIVE BRANDING SERVICE is a 6 month program that includes:

  • Executive leadership coaching to make sure you’re ready for the next opportunity
  • Professional coaching from one of the top LinkedIn branding experts in North America
  • Specialized presentation and vocal coaching to help you project authority in every interaction
  • A professionally designed and maintained executive website
  • Weekly blog posts on topics related to your industry
  • Carefully curated social media postings on LinkedIn and Twitter to build your profile.

Our goal is to build your profile so you make the short list for every open position that becomes available.

Your Branding Team

Each month you get two hours with each member of your expert branding team!

Aidan Crawford

Aidan Crawford

President and Chief Branding Officer

Aidan is a branding and communications expert with over 20 years experience. He will expertly manage your brand to ensure that your online footprint is expansive enough to stand out and your professional reputation is recognized by the the people who count.

Benjamin Wechsler

Benjamin Wechsler

Executive Coach

Ben is a Change Agent. Ben works with leaders in the strategy of change, leveraging their unique knowledge and experience to have more impact in their organizations, community, and personal lives. With over thirty years of experience in several industries, Ben’s work has helped leaders get rid of the chaos, transform corporate cultures, build more effective teams, and bring new products to market.

Chuck Hester

Chuck Hester

LinkedIn Expert

Chuck is one of the top LinkedIn trainers in North America. He will personally coach you create an outstanding LinkedIn profile that gets noticed. As a PR pro he’s secured placements for C levels in WSJ, CNBC, TechCrunch and others

With over three decades working with executives, he knows what it takes to get you to the top.

Khursheed Sethna

Khursheed Sethna

Inside Out Voice Coach

Coach K’s unique approach involves a custom voice program that connects your inner strengths to your outer expression.

Coach K will show you how to:
- Be more confident in expressing your goals in a more engaging and interactive manner.
- Earn respect through engagement

Bob Klanac

Bob Klanac

Custom blog writer

With over 30 years experience writing articles for newspapers and magazines, Bob can whip off news releases, business profiles and full length articles on just about any topic there is. In the last 5 years he’s written over 500 custom blogs for clients!