DIY Marketing for Business in the POST-Covid Economy

Leverage Technology to Attract and Convert Clients Fast

Who should attend

Sales leaders, sales representatives and the marketing professionals who work to make them more effective

I attended a workshop Aidan hosted in Denver CO (Influence19) and need to rave about the content he shared. He is a smart and passionate professional and his content was insightful, creative and extremely helpful. If you get a chance to work with him – jump on it. It is worth it!

Ralph PetersonManagement development coach specializing in building Five-Star leadership teams within the long-term care industry.

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Executive Overview

The marketing landscape is moving so fast that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with the changes. But marketing is still a vital ingredient in the mix of things a small business has to do in order to thrive. This content rich 45 – 60 minute breakout session is designed to give entrepreneurs and small business owners the confidence and tools to take on the marketing monster and succeed! Aidan Crawford’s entertaining mix of humor and insight into the simple tools every one can use to take actionable steps to expand their digital footprint and get their message out to the clients who they need to reach in order to grow their business. Attendees will learn:

  • How to identify their ideal clients
  • Simple marketing strategies they can implement immediately
  • Content hacks to make marketing a sustainable and repeatable process

Benefits of this virtual presentation

  • Customization

    Aidan customizes every presentation to your industry

  • Unlimited use of the recording

     Every agreement includes a full year license to reuse the presentation

  • Social Media Support

    Aidan creates promotional videos for the program that he will share on his social media and with your marketing team to promote the event. Aidan will also “live tweet” the event

  • Dedicated Resource Page

    Every program comes with a custom landing page that includes the slides and links to all the resources mentioned during the presentation

Aidan Crawford

Aidan Crawford is a marketing professional with over 15 years experience. He is the author of the book DIY Marketing for Consultants, Trainers and Professional Speakers. Prior to starting his own consultancy he performed key marketing roles at major insurance, and banking organizations as well as spending time working in the agency world. 

Program Resources