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Six Tips for Making (and Promoting) a Great Infographic

Many people are visual learners. They are more apt to remember something they see instead of something they read. So a great way to communicate with your users (and prospective buyers) is to use an infographic to convey information. Social Media Today says, “Businesses who market with infographics actually gain on average 12 percent more […]

How to Improve Your Business Web Writing

There is a common misconception that because everyone writes, everyone can write. If only that was the case. There are multiple considerations that writers have to apply to each piece of content they create. These include tone, voice and most importantly the medium. It’s one thing to write a book, where a reader can reasonably […]

4 Tips to Dealing with Old or Outdated Content

If you’ve been blogging or running a website for a long time, you’ll probably have some old and mouldy content. Think of products or services you no longer offer. Outdated blog posts. Pages that still live on, even though they’ve have been updated by fresher, newer ones. It’s important to do something with this content. […]

6 Guaranteed Ways to Get Your Content Shared

Everyone wants their content to go viral. You may have a dream of millions of visitors pouring into your website to look at your awesome content or blog post. Sadly, the reality is that, for most people, content doesn’t go viral. It is extremely rare especially for someone just starting out, despite the fact that […]

Eight Ways to Attract More Visitors

How do you attract more visitors? There are a few ingredients that go into the mix. Consider the following tips when crafting your next blog post or web content. Seek Quality, Not Quantity The idea that posting regularly to your blog or updating your web content frequently has gone out the window. People are not […]

Six Ways to Make Your Content More Usable

On the web, usability is king. You may be an expert – but if your web content does not follow usability principles, few people may read it. Growing your web stats could be as simple as using these six techniques to make your content more usable. Use the Inverted Pyramid The inverted pyramid style of […]

Ten Mistakes Experts Make When Creating Content

Nobody is perfect, and many marketing experts are bound to get a strikeout from time to time when creating online content. However, there are common pratfalls to avoid and learn from, and doing so will increase your Web content’s effectiveness. Here are some content mistakes that experts routinely make: Overthink the Content Many marketing experts […]