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Add a micro-learning product to your mix

How’s your focus? If you’re like a lot of people you may be finding it much harder to concentrate than you did before the pandemic. If you’ve been struggling to focus and be productive, there is good reason for it. The pandemic is stressful. And researchers have observed that the part of our brain involved […]

8 steps any entrepreneur can take to better marketing

Detailed marketing plans are fantastic – only if you have the patience and knowledge to implement them. But let’s face it. Most of us don’t have the patience, time or expertise to implement a complicated plan ourselves. Nor do most businesses have the budget – especially these days – to hire a agency to deliver […]

Use online training programs to better leverage your genius

A while back I wrote an article about why it’s so important to have online training programs as one of the legs supporting your business. It listed 4 reasons that were compelling then – and only make more sense now. After all technology has only improved in the last year and online programs are becoming […]

Promote a public workshop or seminar more effectively

Have you ever organized a public seminar or event? It’s not easy. Let’s assume you have a great full-day seminar that’s ready to go. You’ll still need equipment, a venue and some savvy marketing strategies to fill your room and make you a bit of money. Equipment is easy to rent if you don’t have […]

What does your speaking sales funnel look like?

Speaking is a fantastic career. But like many careers it’s not one job. It takes a lot to make it a real business.  Many speakers dream of swooping in to do a 45 minute keynote – to a standing ovation of course – and then collecting a big fat check before heading off to the […]

Maximize the impact of your website

Are you planning a new website or maybe a renovation of your existing one? Awesome. The best metaphor I’ve come up with is to treat your website like a home. The first question to ask, is it a fixer-upper or do you need something new? If your current site is a WordPress site then it’s […]

5 Ways to Structure Content to Work Harder for Your Business

The biggest problem for content creators, who also happen to be experts, is they aren’t writers. Simple website platforms like WordPress have opened up the world of publishing to anyone with an internet connection. One result of this revolution is everyone who can, now thinks they should. And that, my dear friends, is a terrible […]