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Welcome to the the “Great Reinvention”

There is a lot of talk  about the “great resignation” If you’ve been living under a rock (and the data plan on your phone is terrible), you may not have heard about it.  But for millions of people – both employers and employees – it’s serious business.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, […]

Are you stuck in the subscription service money trap?

As someone who works with entrepreneurs I see the same mistakes coming up again and again. At this point I could easily go down the rabbit hole of hating on GoDaddy. But I’ll just say don’t use them if you can find literally ANY other host.  But even that ties directly into what I’m going […]

It’s time to turn your list into a real community

Are you still sending out a monthly newsletter? How’s your open rate? According to Smart Insights, across All Industries the average open rates for emails is about 16.97% with a click rate of just below 11%. But chances are you aren’t even getting those kinds of numbers. And the reason is pretty simple. Most of […]

Improve your business results with smarter marketing

Do you want to get rich fast? Well there are lots of folks willing to take your money with a promise of making it happen. Want instant internet success? There are just as many systems designed to separate you from your cash with promises of Google domination. Like the promise of getting rich quick, most […]

A much needed shot in the arm for entrepreneurs

If 2020 was the worst year of your entrepreneurial life – you’re not alone. Small business owners took the brunt of the pandemic because we generally don’t have the capacity to go months at a time with zero revenue. But that’s exactly the position a lot of consultants, trainers and especially professional speakers found themselves […]

How are project managers adapting to a pandemic impacted economy?

The pandemic has changed everything. Entire industries have sprouted up, while others have collapsed. The pace of change – which was already very fast- has only accelerated. And those who aren’t in the driver’s seat are white-knuckled passengers praying that the people in charge can deliver them to some sort of safe harbor.   Project management […]

3D Thinking and Your Recession Recovery

To say that 2020 was “different” might be the greatest understatement of the century…so far.  With Covid-19 devastating families and businesses around the planet the collective global suffering is likely to impact all of us far into the future.  But there is an end in sight. And there are opportunities to be had. James Feldman, […]

How local retailers can replicate what makes them special…online

With wave after wave of Covid infections and new variants popping up with increasing frequency, we may be done with the pandemic. But it’s not done with us.  Even if societies avoid full and partial lockdowns challenges for retailers are not going away – at least for retailers not called Amazon. But while politicians and […]

How to make your courses and podcasts more professional

What’s keeping you from creating an online course, webinar or podcast? We are well into this pandemic. And even if a vaccine were to be released tomorrow, the business of speaking, training and consulting is going to be changed forever.  If you are one of those waiting for everything to go back to “normal” I […]