Special Offer for ASSC Members

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Do you want to work with me directly? In February I can onboard 3 new speaker clients. 

I’ve heavily discounted my offerings for ASSC members (so please don’t share this page).

If you are feeling overwhelmed and you need more support than we offer through our content and weekly calls – this may be for you.

Take a look at what’s on offer and grab a time on my calendar to see if we could work well together.

Each program requires a minimum 3 month commitment. 


Your Plan

Disk Space



Email Accounts




1 Blog Post per week

Weekly email to list

Social Media Support

Event Support

1 Strategy Call per month


Monthly Plan (discounted from $1600)


Everything from content

Webinar hosting

Promotional Emails

Weekly Strategy Calls

Website Maintanence


Monthly Plan (discounted from $2200)


Everything from Strategy

Program Development

Website Development

ONline Course Development

Landing Pages


Monthly Plan (discounted from $2800)