Aidan Crawford is a dynamic speaker, celebrated author, and seasoned consultant, renowned for his expertise in building virtual communities and amplifying marketing strategies from a distance.

As a pioneer of remote-only speaking, Aidan delivers captivating virtual workshops and presentations focused on marketing and fostering remote communities. With a flair for demystifying complex concepts, Aidan has authored two enlightening books: “DIY Marketing for Speakers, Trainers and Consultants: The Non-Guru Guide to Getting it Right” and “BOOKED! The Insiders Guide for Speakers Selling to Associations.”

Beyond the podium and pen, Aidan’s passion lies in empowering professionals. Through coaching, he guides speakers, consultants, and authors in harnessing their expertise, transforming it into marketable offerings, be it captivating keynotes, enriching courses, or transformative breakout sessions.

In 2021, Aidan forged a visionary partnership with legendary speaker Ed Rigsbee to establish the Association & Society Speakers Community, a collective dedicated to delivering impactful programs tailored for the association market. This collaborative endeavor embodies their commitment to excellence and service.

Building on this success, Aidan furthered his impact in 2023 by teaming up with James Feldman to launch the AI Advantage Club. This innovative initiative aims to democratize access to artificial intelligence, empowering small businesses to leverage its benefits irrespective of technical proficiency.

Aidan Crawford’s journey is defined by innovation, collaboration, and a relentless dedication to empowering others to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

If you have any questions – send him and email.