Use Instagram Stories to Get More Followers

Without the shadow of a doubt, one of the most important social networks on the internet is currently Instagram. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a great chance to attract people and increase your sales.

Thousands of tricks, tips, advice, etc. have been published for social media marketers to grow their customers. But, Stories is an exception among all applications and features for this purpose. With this user-fiend feature, more than 500,000 people can catch up with their friends each day and also follow their desired brands.

So, please follow this simple instruction below to be able to gain more followers via this free feature.

Use Analytical Data

You should track your followers’ behavior and analyze the numbers if you want to attract more audience. There are some applications like Instagram Analytics that can help you to find your strengths and weakness. 

So, via these analytical data, a brand can choose the best advertisements to pay for and use the best tricks to attract followers.

In addition to tracking your users, you will be able to adopt a compatible approach with your likes, engagement, audience, etc.

Use “Sticker” and “Hashtag”

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Stickers are like wildfire which can open the obstacles and easily bring to you many more followers, likes, and comments. 

You should set aside enough time to choose various kinds of stickers that can attract the target audience. Remember that there are millions of stickers on the net, and you had better avoid using them carelessly.

Consider these tips to select better stickers and easily boost your followers:

Locality: People always like the city and country where they are born in. So, be sure to tag where you are when making a story. Also, mention the local, national, or even international events in your stories to attract different people.

Use Hashtag: This feature can easily be used to make your page and messages more famous and in the public eyes. Hashtags (#) have been used on Twitter at first. But now, they are more prevalent on Instagram. Try to create new Hashtags that are unique and also a symbol for your brand. 

Use Mention Sticker: If you mention people especially youngsters in your stories, others will try to interact with you to be seen as well. 

Create Original Multi-Media

You have to be able to present something new and attractive if you like to encourage your followers to check your page frequently and also catch new followers.

Multi-Media contents are the best way to show your creativity to your audience. Stories is one of the best features which allow you to release these contents as fast as you can.

Pictures, videos, and gifs are the most interesting types of content on Instagram or even other social networks. There is a linear relationship between your visitors and the numbers of these contents you share.

For example, there are numerous influencers on Instagram who have been able to gain millions of followers by carefully using this technique. Some of them sell their page to other businesses in the same niche.

Of course, never forget to be creative and always use the feedback from your followers to make more attractive multi-media.

Use Polls

A recently added feature to Instagram will provide you with polls in your Stories. Using this interesting feature you can get feedback on any content you want. Subsequently, you have the opportunity to prevent wasting money, time and energy on your product and services.

Remember that many people do not like long questions and polls. So, you can set aside a weekly period to ask questions or get polls that followers can easily take part in.

Take Advantage of Available Content

To be honest, it is hard to invent diverse texts, pics, videos, etc. to satisfy the needs of your followers. So, use paraphrasing techniques to regenerate contents from other relevant social media pages. You should abide by copyright and refer to other pages in your post. 

You can see high-quality content that matches your product with a simple search on the internet. Also, numerous available apps can download Instagram images and save them to your camera. It will give you the chance to easily reposting them.

More easily, you can use your own followers’ content to share and kill two birds with a single stone. First, having more diverse content on your page which are user-friend and subsequently can attract more followers. Second, making your followers happy about having a significant contribution to your page.


Successful companies on Instagram are prosperous because they are not the same as yesterday. Change during time is inevitable and Instagram and your Stories are not an exception.

To encourage your followers to keep visiting your stories, you should have brand-new ideas. Bear in mind that none of the above techniques can help you if you stagnate. So, be active and creative in using new ideas.

Tom Siani

Tom Siani is an online marketing expert with up to 4 years of experience in this digital industry. He is also collaborating with some well-known brands in order to generate traffic, create sale funnel and increase online sales. He has written a considerable number of articles about marketing via social media, brand marketing, blogging, search visibility, etc.


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