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DIY Marketing for Speakers @ 8:30 on Saturday
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– Weaponize Your Content for Growth @ 11am on Sunday – 7 Content Hacks that Actually Work @11am on Monday – Consistent Content: the NO EXCUSES Content creation method for thought leaders @ 11am on Tuesday Find out more about my sessions here.

Aidan Crawford  is an expert at helping speakers market themselves to their target audience.  What stands out about Aidan is his desire to help people succeed without pushing them to become clients.  He provided specific ideas and tools that are proven to get results.  He’s also very authentic and open rather than pretending that he has all the answers.  Aidan is someone you want to talk to to help your speaking business.

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DIY Marketing for Speakers Trainers and Consultant

Saturday July, 27th @ 9:30

Being an expert is not enough to get you hired. This FREE pre-Influence session is for speakers, trainers and consultants who want to learn how to market themselves better using free tools and strategies designed to get them in front of more of their ideal clients.

The Agenda

  • Refine your business model
  • Create a compelling value statement
  • Killer content hacks to enhance your credibility
  • Social media advice that doesn’t waste your time
  • Shortcuts to turn your knowledge into products

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