How to Get Your Content Seen By People

Let’s face it: getting your content seen by people is hard. You have a lot of competition. There are 59.3 million blog posts written on WordPress each month alone. That works out to about two million per day. Realistically, a lot of these posts are not going to get very much, if any, traffic. So how do you rise above the din and make yourself get heard? Well, there are a few things you can try.

Work Social Media

You’re probably saying to yourself right about now, “Well, duh.” Social media can drive traffic to your site. However, it’s all about how you use social media. Are you posting new content regularly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn? Are you republishing older content on a regular basis? Have you built up a network of professionals and people who share your interests, and are you targeting them? Are you sharing other people’s content? (The 80/20 rule to sharing 80 percent other people’s content and 20 percent your own seems to apply well to social media.)

Remember: It’s not just what content you share, but how you’re sharing it (and how often).

Use Social Bookmarking Platforms

Sites such as StumbleUpon, Twitter, Digg and Reddit are great social bookmarking platforms that can do the following for you:

  • Have your website quickly indexed by search engines.
  • Give your site authority and excellent backlinks.

Again, if you use these sites, you have to target the right audience. You also should comment on other people’s bookmarks to get heard and share opinions. Once you do, chances are people will want to take a look at what you’re sharing, including your own content.

Get Involved in Discussion Forums

Another thing you should be doing is finding discussion forums pertinent to your business and interests and sharing in them. Without getting spammy, you can share solutions to problems and how your product or service solves them. Provide information that is of use and is insightful about topics that come up on the forum and you may get in front of eyeballs that are related to your business.

Do a “Round Up” Blog Post

One thing you can do to increase visibility is to quote an influencer in a blog post, and share that content with them. If they share it in turn, your visitor stats may go through the roof. Another popular tactic is to gather a group of people who have a large social media following, and do a “round up” discussion type of blog post, such as “How [X Number of] Marketing Professionals Feel About [Topic Pertinent to Your Business].”

You may have to do a bit of grooming and appeal to their ego to do work for you. You could also just pay them for your time. Regardless, people who have a large social media following will get requests for this type of blog post on a regular basis, so you’ll have to likely do some convincing to get them to spend some time writing for you.

Pin a Post to Your Twitter Feed

If you pin a post to your Twitter feed, that will be the very first thing that people will see when they visit. You can change it or remove it as often as you like, and it’s a great and easy way to make sure people are seeing content that you want to push on a regular basis. All you have to do is find a Tweet you want to pin, look under the “More Options” icon (the three dots underneath a Tweet), and select the option to pin your Tweet. Easy as that!

Email People Who Have Shared Similar Content

This is an effective strategy, but it does take a bit of time and effort for it to catch on. Using a tool such as Buzzsumo, you can find people who have shared the same content as you or have linked to similar content. You then email them, one by one, to let them know what you’re doing and what you’d like to share. This can work, because many people are looking for new content to share. It helps if you’ve built a relationship with them, so it may help to share some of their content, too, first.

What do you do to get your content seen? If you have any tips or strategies, feel free to share them with us below.


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