I give up. Here’s the program

online-marketing-for-speakers-and-consultantsI’ve worked with speakers, trainers and consultants for over 10 years. And my preferred method is an all-in-one speaker marketing package where I take care of everything.

Last year somebody convinced me to put together a simple online course to help those who need help but can’t afford to fork over an additional mortgage payment each month. And at $99 it’s still a pretty good deal. Here it is.

Then back in January I helped the folks at NSA Connecticut with a free webinar on DIY Marketing for Speakers. It was a solid 45 minutes of content with no pitches for heavily discounted products nobody ever pays full pop for anyway. Again, here it is.

Last weekend I was at the NSA Winter Conference in San Francisco. As per usual I spent my time chatting to people at my booth (and at the bar). These conversations generally involved me figuring out the pain points in their business and providing some guidance on how to make them go away.

A few of them suggested that while they don’t really want the all in one package (totally fair!) they need something more than an online course. And the big idea was to offer some sort of coaching based on the webinar and course outline.

So I’m giving the people what they asked for with a new 12 week coaching program.

Through 6 hours of one-on-one calls I will take the time to understand your current business model and show you how to:

  • Better define your audience
  • Improve your website with simple tools
  • Create compelling content on a consistent basis
  • Focus on the social media channels that really matter to your clients
  • Use your knowledge to create new products, services and speaking topics
  • Target your advertising budget more wisely

Calls are scheduled two weeks apart and include practical accountability assignments that often involve testing your knowledge AND implementing a proven strategy.

As this is totally new to me, I’m putting it out there for $2100 to anyone who signs up before the end of March. I don’t think it’s a lot of money to help you get your business moving in the right direction. I’ll even split the payments up if you want.

To be clear – I have no coaching certificates. I just know my stuff and I want to help speakers, trainers and consultants avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made and seen others make.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in then by all means click through and see what’s involved. If you sign up and either one of us realizes this is a bad fit, I’ll give you your money back before we even start.

I once had a client tell me that he wouldn’t take a nickel from a client where he thought he couldn’t add value. That seems like wise advice.


Aidan Crawford

Aidan Crawford is president of Short Circuit Media. His main job is helping consultants, trainers and professional speakers get their marketing in order by creating and implementing strategies to help them reach their target audiences.


Let’s have a quick chat about your marketing goals and see how I can help.
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