Are you starving for product?

As a speaker it’s easy to fall behind on creating new products when you’re busy hustling to get yourself gigs.

But creating a suite of evergreen products can provide a steady flow of recurring income – especially if you market them properly.

So what is the easiest type of product to create? Some speakers pump out books at a truly astounding rate. But for most hiring ghost writers and editors while figuring out production and marketing costs makes creating a book a  lengthy process that doesn’t provide very much return on investment.

Most books aren’t bestsellers!

Here’s a shocker…most books are not bestsellers. And if you decide to print up 1500 copies, most of them will probably sit in your garage for a few years.

But there is a way to feed the beast with new products on a regular basis. And all you need is a little imagination.  It all starts by repurposing your speaking content by making it available in a number of different formats.

So here are the big four

Record your best speech.

Using a tool like Swivl you can easily record yourself speaking in front of any size room with great sound and video.

Go to and have an intro and outro created and you have a product that is ready for iTunes, Amazon or even your own shopping cart.

Record your best speech.

That’s not a typo. You have a perfectly good video. But if you strip out the video portion and release only the audio – again use for a new intro and outro – you have your second product.

Transcribe your best speech.

Do you see where I’m going here? Take that audio and sell an edited transcription. Some folks just want the notes. So give it to them.

Expand your best speech.

You’ve had your speech transcribed already. So now use that transcription as the rough draft for an ebook that you can sell. Using a service like or CreateSpace your ebook can be sold on Amazon for the Kindle, iBookstore for iPhones and iPads as well as a few other premium stores.

So there you have it. From one 45 minute presentation you now have 4 new products. If you have 5 keynotes, you can quickly create 20 products.

So don’t wait around – start digging through the pile of DVDs from past events that are sitting in your desk and get to work.


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Aidan Crawford

Aidan Crawford is president of Short Circuit Media. His main job is helping consultants, trainers and professional speakers get their marketing in order by creating and implementing strategies to help them reach their target audiences.


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