Expanding Marketing Efforts with Paid Social Media Ads

You have a web presence across several platforms with consistent and creative content. All of your posts have compelling images and relevant content targeted to your audience. It seems like your content marketing strategy is solid, but you’re still not seeing the leads that you expect.


Everyday people upload billions of different content types on various online platforms. Even if you have amazing content it will likely get lost amidst the rest especially since many social platforms have algorithms that calculate who will actually see your posts. At the end of the day, you may have thousands of followers but only a very small percentage will actually see your posts at any given time. So what can you do to extend your reach further?

Paid Social Amplification

Businesses today need a strong social media presence in order for their online marketing solutions to thrive. In order to fully realize the power of social sharing, your marketing solution should include paid social amplification. Even if you haven’t used them for your own business, you most likely have already seen it in action in the form of: promoted tweets, Facebook page post ads, LinkedIn sponsored updates and more. All of the major social networks now provide paid media options to boost your social content to a targeted audience. Not only does it offer guaranteed visibility, it also can help build your community by fostering engagement and conversions. But wanting to attract an audience or customers is one thing, actually knowing how to do this is another.

In this infographic, you’ll learn how to approach paid social amplification for best results, what networks have the largest audience and what metrics you should track based on your amplification goals. Of course, you should tailor the information here in order to derive the most value from your paid social amplification.




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