Google+ Post Ads: Here’s What It Is, and Why You Should Utilize It

Regardless of how good your marketing outreach might be, there’s always a way to improve your engagement and increase your followers. Social networks like Facebook and Pinterest allow you to promote your profile or posts within their network. While this can still attract a large number of people, it is still limited to the number of users on that particular platform. If you want to get your posts and company in front of a much larger group of people, then your best bet is Google Plus.

While Google Plus’ numbers might not be as impressive as Facebook, it still has around 200 million users. More importantly, the +1 shares through Google Plus can improve your SEO on your posts and site. In April 2014 Google announced the introduction of the Plus Post ads. Unlike other social ad promotions, Google Plus Post ads will run your posts or hangout notifications through their Display Network. This means that instead of being restrained to Google Plus, your promotions will appear on one of the 2 million third party websites for even more reach and engagement.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your visibility, the infographic below can help you get started on creating your own Plus Post Ads.


Google PostAds1


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