Six Ways to Keep Your Sanity While Working Alone

If you’ve ever worked in a medium to large company, you know the drill. You get into the office, grab a coffee and kibitz with colleagues about The Game / Netflix Series / Weird Thing You Saw On The Internet last night. such informal jaw sessions take place, they’re energizing, brief and invigorating, key to putting you in a good mindset to get through the day or a way to break up the day.

For those running a small business as a solo act, the lack of such invigorating breaks from routine can be deadly. And if you don’t find a way to mix things up, you may find yourself digging fingernail grooves on your office walls.

So here they are:

Six Ways to Keep Your Sanity While Working Alone


Everyone else takes a coffee break: why not you? Get out of the house, walk around the block, clear your head. This is a refreshing strategy year round, even during winter’s bleakness when it can be more admittedly more bracing than invigorating.

Dress for the day

Before you go for that walk, make sure you’re dressed for it. You’re going to run into someone you know and you don’t want to look like you’re ready for cleaning out the eaves. Or that its laundry day. You’ll feel better too: getting dressed for the day is an important way to  remind yourself that regardless of the locale, this is your job.

Whatever the case, remember that you’re the best – and only – salesperson for your company so be sure that you’re looking good when in public. I think you can still yank out the sweats on weekends, however.

Skype with Clients

Schedule some Skype chats with clients. Don’t have something specific to talk with them about, or they, you? That’s fine: they know you’re watching their account and their business needs. Plus bonus for you: that’s a real live person you’re talking with. And surely they saw the game last night and have an opinion or three.

Work in a coffee shop a few days a week

Find a place with good coffee, food and wireless and set up there for a chunk of your day. You’ll soak up the lowkey bustle and cappuccino smells and yet be able to tune much of it out and get some work done. As well, don’t be surprised to find other ‘small business’ types in there to network with.

Join a business association

Get involved with your local Chamber of Commerce, small business centre or business group. B2B can be a key part of your business plan and there are few better ways to make those connections, practice your networking skills or maybe even pick up a few new ones.

Get a cat, pass on the dog

Having a pet around can be a great way to have some company. Dogs are great too but taking care of them can be more work and even more of a distraction than you need. The walks can dovetail with breaks but being able to choose when you hit the pavement is better than being nudged out the door by a snout. Cats are less maintenance of course, but with the drawback that they can jump up on your computer keyboard right when you’re trying to dldasujvlkcndwl.n.nld…


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