4 Ways to Get Original Content On Your Site

If you’re reading these words, then you won’t find the following sentence surprising in the least.

Here it is. Original content on small business websites has been tagged as a major marketing tool in the very near future.

It’s little wonder really. Custom content like this blogpost drives eyeballs to websites as consumer and B2B increasingly scan the web for research. I’m certain the last time you were considering a new piece of tech for home or business you read reviews from Amazon, review aggregator sites and bloggers.

A recent study showed that almost 80 per cent of marketing mavens see custom content as the future of marketing with almost 90 per cent of those currently using it judging it as very effective.

So here are 4 Ways to Get Original Content On Your Site…

1) The best solution is to hire someone to blog for you on a weekly or twice-weekly basis, to create original content that, like every one of the following suggestions, you can then tweet, post on Facebook, put on your LinkedIn profile, and, of course, etc.

2) Create a blog area on your site where you can post personal / professional views on your business, industry and / or what’s happening in your company. This can work if you know how to write in your own voice and, crucially, can make it seem interesting and entertaining. Not everyone can do it. If they did, everyone would be a writer.

3) Post links to interesting articles about your industry in a blog with just a word or three explaining why you found it interesting. This is a bit tricky as well. If the article makes a competitor look good, it doesn’t really work in your favour. It it’s an article that trashes a competitor, that can be seen as a bit like capitalizing on a competitor’s misfortune. Best to seek out articles or blogs that focus on your industry as a whole or related issues and leave the muckraking to TMZ.

4) Set up a Youtube Channel and post it on your page, using content you create (be careful: re-read number 2 above) or more likely, related videos by others that highlight your field or line of business.

As the Associate Client Manager in charge of content creation at Short Circuit Media Bob Klanac takes raw content from notes or books and turns them into highly effective blogs – which in turn become our clients' monthly newsletters. He’s also profiled hundreds of musicians over his long career as a writer. Check out his blog! http://klanac.blogspot.ca/


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