The Five Apps You Need to Load On Your iPad Right Out of The Box

ipadThe Five Apps You Need to Load On Your iPad Right Out of The Box

I’ve had an iPad in my hands for the past few months and like most Apple products it’s barely left my palms since, save for sleeping, eating and…truthfully, that’s about it.

What’s made it such an immersive bit of fun has been the apps, the best of which are blissfully free.

And while there’s plenty of free apps for the taking, there are a few choice ones that take full advantage of the iPad format, a few that expand your device’s capacity and some that are merely wonderful timewasters.

As such, these are…

The Five Apps You Need to Load On Your iPad Right Out of The Box

Flipboard: Think of this as a magazine edited by you. Pick the content from a wide variety of media outlets, including your social media feeds and the best damn mag you never read is done. What makes Flipboard such a treat is the way the content is laid out, your Twitter and Facebook feeds right next to articles from the Atlantic and BBC World.

Box: Cloud Services are plentiful and that’s a good thing for iPad owners. Although iPads can have as much as 128G of memory, most buy one with less. And while Google Drive’s 15G and Dropbox’s 5G are decent options, Box is currently offering 50G for those setting up accounts on iPads and iPhones. To get 50G on Dropbox or Drive, there’s a price tag. So for now: Box. Done.

Facebook: The interface is clean and easy to read and much less cluttered than the browser version. Although the messaging section on the right of the screen can lead to accidental message pops, it can be turned off. Much improved.

Shazam: What makes this music ID app such a delight on the iPad is that it can run in the background while you multi-task. If there’s a song on in the background in your environment or even from your own streaming radio feed, it will identify it for you as you continue to work or browse. No more ‘what WAS that song?’

Chrome: Although the Safari browser is fine, the Chrome is cleaner and if it’s also your browser of choice on the desktop, your bookmarks are synchronized and handy.

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