The ProInsights iPad App

photoWhenever someone asks me about the value of social media, I always tell them that I generate a significant portion of my revenue from the relationships I’ve nurtured on LinkedIn.

So when I’m not flipping through profiles and checking out groups on my laptop, I’m usually doing something similar on the iPad.

It’s truly an exciting life.

The problem I have with LinkedIn is that while it has huge amounts of data, it can be kind of boring and static.

So when I came across the ProInsights APP  for the iPad a few weeks back I was curious. First of all it was free (with some in-app paid upgrades). But secondly because it displayed my LinkedIn life as something that actually seemed alive.

The layout is gorgeous and the way it displays information is fantastic.

The graphical interface is definitely something most folks will appreciate – especially those who like to scroll through contacts.

In short if you have an iPad, this is something to check out today.

Aidan Crawford


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