Will you still have the Internet on Monday morning?

Just a quick reminder to check your DNS settings before Monday morning, when a piece of malware that has infected somewhere in the vicinity of 277,000 computers worldwide will cause some users to lose their connection to the interweb.

Those behind this little piece of coding were brought down by the FBI last year. But when the Bureau realized that turning off the infected servers would return everybody infected back to the early 90s – i.e. without internet – they replaced the infected servers behind the malware with clean ones.

And now it’s all coming to an end Monday morning @ 12:01am.

You may not even know you’re infected. However, if your computer is slow and you seem to be having trouble with other problems – you could be.

Both Facebook and Google have been showing warnings if they detect an infected computer. Facebook displays a message that says, “Your computer or network might be infected.” Google users get a similar warning.

To check whether a computer is infected, users can visit a website run by the group brought in by the FBI.

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The site includes links to commercial sites that will run a quick check on the computer, and it also lays out detailed instructions if users want to actually check the computer themselves.

You can also access this free tool  – DNSChanger Malware Checker,here.

So consider this fair warning.

Aidan Crawford

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