10 Book Marketing Tips for Speakers

It’s never been easy to make a million dollars from writing a book. Just walk into any library. Do you think every on e of these authors retired to the south of France to frolic with hundreds of thousands of single dollar bills?

And most of those books were written at a time when getting a book into print was actually difficult. Today anyone with an idea and a couple of hundred bucks can create a book and have it distributed across the planet.

So what chance does a new author have in a market flooded with vanity press projects? Realistically. Not much.

Having a book and being an author just doesn’t have the cache it once had. There. I said it. And it’s about time somebody did.

So why have a book at all? Well for one it says you’ve actually put some thought into your subject and taken some time to put those thoughts to paper – or hard drive.

In today’s media-saturated environment a book is an expensive business card that provides the author with a bit of credibility. Pure and simple it’s a marketing tool. And as such if you have a book – don’t think of it as a revenue generator through sales, but rather book marketing as something that will open doors to other revenue opportunities.

So here are 10 book marketing ideas, build credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

1 Give it away. Yep. For free. The best way to market a book so that it can help you is to get it into as many hands as possible. The most cost effective way to do this is to give away digital versions to clients and potential clients. If you are speaking at a conference, you might even give a digital copy away to attendees. But be sure that every free copy has a clickable footer link on each page going back to your website.

2. Have a party. Not a launch party filled with strangers. But a real celebration for friends and supporters because you’ve accomplished something huge. Hold the party at a public venue and send a press release to local press. Give everyone who attends a free (real) copy of your book Make sure to have card stuffed into every copy with the URL to your Amazon author page. Ask everyone to write a quick review on Amazon. Maybe even require a name and phone number from everyone who takes a book. It’s expensive to give books away. There is no shame in following up a week later and asking for the review. You’ll sell most of your books online, so you can’t ignore the power of an effective Amazon strategy.

3 Speaking of Amazon, to market a book effectively you need to have a completed author page with videos.

4 If you have an email list, conduct a free webinar that is 50 minutes of gold with 5 minutes of promotion. And be sure to make that promotional bit at the beginning, because folks won’t stick around for your add. Gotowebinar is a great tool. Extra bonus. Turn this into a product or post it on YouTube for marketing.

5 Offer a deal. At the webinar offer some sort of deal. 2 for 1 generally works well. You can’t offer this through Amazon, but you can take care of this yourself. You’ll also get to keep a lot more of the profit.

6 Chop it up. 99.999% of people in the world will never read your book. So to steal the old adage, reduce, reuse, recycle. Turn your book into a marketing machine by cutting it into articles to fill out your website. And tweet it out one idea at time over Twitter with a link back to your site, using proper hashtags.

7 Create a dedicated website using keyword rich content to attract people who are casually searching for your topic. Back to the first point, let people sign up to receive the book, one chapter at time over weeks. Each email should contain a PDF, a call to action to buy the book in full and then a pitch for your higher value services. Remember, you’ll have to sell a lot of books to make up for a single keynote speaking engagement.

8 Special sales. Is your book about something that would appeal to clients of another business? If you are writing about sales, would a small business supplies company be interested in purchasing in bulk to give away as a promotion? You won’t get anywhere near sticker price and you may only make a buck a book. But if you can move 50,000 then you are doing much better than most authors.

9 targeted media. Earlier I mentioned the saturated media market. That’s only partially true. Every breakfast news show in the world is desperately searching for new content to fill up the space between weather and sports. Your book can be your ticket, if you can think of the right angle. Here’s a big hint. Nobody cares about you or your book. Find an angle that will make viewer’s lives better.

10 Create a video for each chapter that you can then use to fill out your Youtube channel. Make sure that the video titles and descriptions are about your subject matter and not about your book or you personally. Remember people are searching for you or your book, they are searching for the answer to a question.



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