The plumber and mechanic: Why you need both

Optimizing your website for traffic from search engines and social media shouldn’t be a mystery – if the people doing the work know what they’re doing.

I’ve recently started using the analogies of car mechanic and plumber as ways to introduce folks to how the process should work.

Now if you own a car or a home, you may have tooled around with some very basic maintenance tasks like changing an oil filter or replacing that little chain connecting the toilet handle to the stopper thing at the bottom the tank.

Getting your website optimized for traffic employs the same principles. If you’re patient, enjoy what you’re doing, and have the time to learn to do it right – you can figure out a lot of the basic tasks.

But there is a reason car mechanics and plumbers spend years learning about their craft.

Beneath the hood of your car, and behind the walls of your house there are hundreds of connections that have to work if the wheels are going to turn and and the water is going to flow.

Mechanics and plumbers understand these connections.

So how does this relate to internet marketing and social media?

Well if you have a great looking site, it doesn’t mean anything if what’s under the hood is killing you on Google. And if your site isn’t properly connected to social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter etc. then you’re content won’t be flowing efficiently out into the world.

So here are the questions everyone needs to ask when talking to a firm about optimizing their web presence:

1) What type of “under the hood” evaluation are they going to do on your current site?
2) Will they provide a detailed report, along with recommendations on how to get everything fixed before they start promoting you to Google and other search engines?
3) How are they going to connect the pipes? Will they create an integrated marketing approach so you can focus on your business without having to constantly worry about updating multiple social media sites?

Ideally the “mechanic” will get your site humming, before the “plumber” takes over and connects everything together.

If you want to chat about your site mechanics or social media plumbing, send me a note or sign up for a free site review.


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