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It doesn’t matter if you’re a corporation of hundreds or an internet army of one. You should always try to extend your branding to whereever you are making your presence known.

When it comes to Twitter, and YouTube all you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

YouTube Custom Channel

Choose a Keyword rich channel title. If folks are looking for you, they’ll find you. So set your channel title based on what you’re offering. If your company is “Acme Ltd” and you specialize in roadrunner hunting tools for coyotes, then your Channel title should be “Roadrunner Catching Tools”

Secondly, create a proper YouTube background









1400×1250 pixels

And you have about 250 pixels to the left to add whatever branding messages you’d like to have like contact information.

Thirdly, connect your YouTube channel to automatically update Twitter, using the Share button in your channel settings.

You can also refer to our last post on automating your social media for more tips.

Twitter Branding

Much like YouTube, companies generally set up a generic account and don’t bother with customization. Here’s your big hint, nobody wants to follow an egg.

When choosing your Twitter ID you can use your brand or your own name. It really depends on your business model. Are you a large tech company or a personal service? I use my own name for Twitter @aidancrawford because I’m not a faceless corporation – I’m a guy with a laptop and some time.

A lot of folks don’t get the value of Twitter. Follow clients, potential clients and thought leaders in your industry. That will keep your feed nice and clean. Don’t always tweet your stuff. Share information from other sources and you’ll build credibility.

Create a proper background.


1600 x 800

And again you have about 250 pixels to the left to work with.

How are you branding? Leave a note in the comments about what you’re doing to stand out from the┬ácompetition.


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